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The University of Lahore admits students whose educational background is sound and who can achieve success in higher education. Applications received for admission in various programmers are reviewed by the concerned departments. The applicants are required to appear in admission test and interview. The final merit is determined on the basis of past academic performance and performance in the interview.

The academic programmes are spread over two semesters during each year. Total undergraduate programme in architecture is spread over ten semesters (five years). Each semester comprises of 18– 20 weeks, which includes one week of examinations. A short summer semester of 8 weeks is usually offered to cover special courses. Students who have completed all the formalities and deposited their fees and other dues on the prescribed date are eligible for registration. Each student,admitted on merit, is expected to take the full load of courses prescribed for the semester.

*Applicants, who have appeared in inter / degree level or prerequisite level examination prescribed for admission in a programme and are awaiting results will be allowed to apply for admission, but they will be given admission only after they have submitted the attested copies of their certificates / degrees within three weeks of commencement of the semester.

*They will also be required to submit undertaking that they understand the rules/policy of the admissions and that if they fail to submit the required documents within the prescribed time, they will not be given admission


Bachelor in Architecture

University of Lahore

The B.Arch. program balances the intensity of a professional education with opportunities to use the resources of a world-class university. The faculty of the department of architecture has developed a highly structured and intensive curriculum, one that emphasizes design, as well as theory, history, technology, representation, and structures. Basic conceptual skills are emphasized early on, along with introducing the fundamental skills of architecture. Students learn to communicate ideas through models and drawings, working fluidly and seamlessly between all modes of both analog and digital representation. All students spend their first three years following a core curriculum designed to lay a strong foundation for architectural education and beyond. During the final four semesters, students are encouraged to work across disciplines focusing on an intellectually rigorous and speculative course of study.

Requirements (for admission application)

1. Intermediate or A-Level (12 years of Education) with combination of any three (03) of the following subjects ; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Sciences, Statistics, Fine Arts, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. 

2. DAE in Architecture

3. Minimum Marks 50%, 

4. Interview

*Each successful applicant will be issued “Admission Letter” by the concerned department

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