University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Tauseef Ahmad

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Architecture

Over the past decade, the practice of architecture has undergone dramatic change, placing the architect, once again, at the center of some of the most defining issues of our time. The School of Architecture has not only kept pace with these changes, but our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have led and continue to lead the effort to make a better world through the design of better buildings and cities. 

The studio experience, at the core of our programs, focuses on the intense exploration of the creative process, supported by the most challenging approaches to history and theory in the context of the technologies that inform the future of our field. The School provides a highly innovative environment for the design education in which students benefit from extensive one-on-one communication with dedicated faculty, formal reviews and informal interactions.

We take personal
responsibility for our role
as leaders in the pursuit of