University of Lahore

First Prize in Inter-University Sketching Competition

In September 2014 a team of four; Ahsan Iqbal , Awais khan , Umaira Noor and Omid Sharif  signed up for a competition sponsored by Earth Watch Club called "Nature Art Competition”.  Participants were supposed to draw a sketch one one of the following themes:

1: Fresh Water Resources

2: Water conservation

3: Effect of Climate Changes.

Time limit to complete the sketch was 3 hours. UOL students competed against participants from several institutes e.g. Forman Cristian College, Lahore College Women and many others.

We are proud to announce that UOL team won the First Prize in this competition.

“We learned from my involvement in the competition. What I can say is that I have the utmost respect for all the teams we competed against, that Earth Watch Club was an amazing sponsor who volunteers are intelligent and really fun individuals and that I couldn’t imagine having the same result (or as much fun) having worked with any other team”.  Ahsan Iqbal (one of the winners)

  • First Prize in Inter-University Sketching Competition
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