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The School of Architecture at University of Lahore is established with the aim to evolve into an institution of architectural thought focusing on the human, socio-cultural, environmental, scientific and technological, aesthetic and philosophical values. The academic program of the School follows the framework of curriculum developed by the Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Council of Architects & Planners Pakistan. The five-year Bachelor of Architecture curriculum balances the acquisition of knowledge with the development of skills. The core components of the curriculum are Architectural Design, History and Theory, Building Sciences, and Professional Development.

News & Events
11 May,2018

Final jury of Cardiac specialized Hospital was held at SAUOL. Head of the department Dr. Tauseef Ahmed welcome...

20 March,2018

The BAE-IAP Roundtable meeting was held in University of Lahore on 20th March 2018.

17 March,2018

Faculty members and Students from School of Architecture have participated in the inaugural seminar of the Roy...

13 March,2018

Ar. Kashif Aslam from Kashif aslam associates were invited to guide students about cardiac care hospital desig...

01 March,2018

Third year and Fourth-year students participated in the Poster design competition conducted by UMT School of a...

27 February,2018

An exhibition of B.Arch student's work is open to the public from 27th February till 6th April.

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